Our Process & F.A.Q.

Remodeling and Home Design
Remodeling and Home Design


What is the first step in custom home building with your company?
-  The most important step to the process is first to sit down and meet each other.  We feel the most valuable part of the construction process is building a relationship with the buyers, as this will be a 6-8 month daily partnership.  Communication is key, and we want to start the process off with an open channel.  We want to learn about you and your needs as well as your desires for the home. We also want to know what you feel are important aspects of the home, such as design, functionality, and specific materials you would like to have.   Afterall, this is one of the largest investments one can make, so lets make it special and tailored to your dreams and visions.

Is there a minimum or maximum size of home size you will build? 
-  we are not limited to any specific range, although our typical homes range from 2,500-4,500 square feet of heated and cooled space.  Most homesites or subdivisions will establish a standard range compatible to the provided lot sizes, or if you have your own land, there are more flexible options normally available to work with.

Do you have a minimum  price range we must be in to work with you? 
-  No, we are open to work with multiple plan sizes and price ranges.  We normally build homes from $350,000 and up, but also have projects and custom homes ranging from 250,000-800,000  plus depending on specific locations and neighborhoods.

What is average timeframe to build a custom home? 
-  Typical custom home construction process from permitting to completion is usually in the 6-8 month range.  Homesite adjustments, weather conditions, size of the home, and any special features could influence and alter the build time. 

Where do you build?

-  We are currently building in greater Williamson County, including the cities of Brentwood, Franklin, Thompson Station, and Spring Hill.  We recently have added and are currently building in Maury County as well.  Davidson County/Metro Nashville is also an option for us. Please feel free to contact us if interested in building in other areas.

Do we have to have our own plans or do you offer custom plans?

- We do both.  If you have your own plans, we would love to work with them.  If you desire custom plans, we will work with you from your ideas and thoughts to a full custom tailored conception we will call your own.  We partner with a team of local architects & designers to personally customize every aspect of the home plan you dream of.  From our first meeting to review a list of important design features and layout requests, to the starting of your dream home, each decision will be assisted with our team to ensure the best decisions are being made for your New Castle.

Will you build on our own land?

-  Absolutely!  Even better actually, as this can speed up the Pre-Construction process and planning.  We can meet on your land and review your ideas, check out the topography, review potential setbacks, utilities, etc.

I really want to build on land, but not sure where to start looking.  Can you help us find land?

- Yes we can.  We are proud to partner our team with some of the BEST realtors in the Greater Nashville area.  Therefore, we can connect you the best agent who may assist you in the search to find the perfect homesite to build your dream home a.k.a. your New Castle!